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Designed by Gitxsan artist Michelle Stoney.

"The hand was an idea from local high school teachers. They had asked me to create a design to honour the local survivors. In the palm of the hand is Stigyoden , our local mountain in the Gitxsan Nation in Northern British Columbia. Surrounding the mountain are flowers, which in our language we call majagalee, which also means children. And on the top, representing the fingers are the feathers, which honour the children who never made it home."

Michelle Stoney Gitxsan Hand Iron-On Patch

SKU: OS-2567
  • Oscardo is a leading souvenir and gift supplier featuring some of Canada’s most iconic Indigenous artwork. Since 1997, Oscardo has been an industry leader, paying royalties to 24 artists for every product sold and consulting the artists during development to ensure a beautiful product that fairly represents and promotes their artwork. Known for carrying quality items featuring top designs, Oscardo’s products are found in Indigenous-owned stores and wholesalers, boutiques, museums, public and private art galleries, National Parks and government organizations in every province across the country. 

    Indigenous Ownership: Oscardo is part of the Arctic Beverages family. Arctic Beverages is owned by Athabasca Basin Development, Prince Albert Development Corp and Paskwayak Business Development Corporation, collectively representing 13 First Nations and four northern communities.

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