Handmade. Fair Trade.


Ethically sourced

Quichua World Market has always focused on providing a direct link between artisans crafting goods using traditional skills and people who value handmade products.

We support crafters by buying handmade products directly from them or from other Canadian importers who are Fair Trade certified and who work closely and directly with the artisans to support their small scale businesses. The items we carry are not mass produced.

New Arrivals


From Otavalo to Ottawa

In 1994, owners Jacinto and Jill began a small scale import business in Ottawa, Ontario - Quichua Crafts Inc. - to support themselves as well as Jacinto’s family and community of Indigenous artisans from Otavalo, Ecuador.

The mandate was simple: handmade, unique, fair trade and fairly priced.

Now, almost 3 decades later, they are still at it.